Detroit Lions Face Difficult Decision With Matthew Stafford


When it comes to Matthew Stafford there is only one question remaining for this season: do they or don’t they?

With shoulder surgery apparently not in the plans for now, it appears that there is a chance Stafford could play again before the season ends.

Let’s say, for instance, that the injury Stafford suffered against the Jets will require a healing window similar to the one he faced earlier in the season. That would put him back at “full” strength in time for the Lions’ week 16 game against the Miami Dolphins and week 17 game at home against the Vikings.

Just because he could come back doesn’t mean he should come back.

There are certainly cases to be made on both sides of the argument. I’ll try to do justice to both points of view. Then you can vote in our poll and leave your opinion in the comments section.

Matthew Stafford should play as soon as he is healthy:
The biggest hindrance to Matthew Stafford’s development has been his inability to stay on the field. If he is healthy enough to play, even if it is for two games at the end of the year, he should play to get him that much further along.

The threat of a third injury on the season should not be a deterring factor in this decision because Stafford will have all off-season to heal. If a corrective surgery is necessary at that point then so be it.

Lions fans talk about the need to change the attitude. A good way to start that change in attitude is to not throw the last few games of a season away. The Lions won’t be in playoff contention but they should show some resolve and put their best players on the field to give themselves the best possible chance to win. It is never to late to develop a winning attitude.

Matthew Stafford should be shut down for the rest of the season:
There is no question that Matthew Stafford is the Lions’ franchise quarterback. There will be no quarterback controversy and Stafford has nothing he needs to do to deserve entering the off-season as the unquestioned leader of the Detroit Lions. There is no reason to risk rushing him back from injury with his status set.

The look of frustration was evident on the face of Matthew Stafford following his injury against the Jets. A possible third injury on the season could be demoralizing, to Stafford, the organization, and the fan base. It hurts to continually be looking to “next year” but we have to remember that the Lions are trying to build the organization for the long haul.

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