SideLion Links 05/10/10: Best, Williams, The Giant View


It’s Monday night and of course there is nothing really going on in Lions land. The Lions preseason times have been announced and the Lions have added another safety into the mix for the upcoming training camp in Allen Park. Not bad lately for a day of news. So with nothing really going on, why not drop a couple good links for you to check out? Here’s your SideLion Links this Monday evening.

Lions Links:

— Will Jahvid Best Bring Disappointment to the Lions? [NFL Mocks] Jdove over at NFL Mocks asks the question, “does Jahvid have the durability to be an every down back in the NFL? It is a fair question, and it will be tough to answer it until Best makes it through an NFL season, but I tend to lie on the optimistic side of the equation. Dove is right when he says a lot of fans will be upset if Best doesn’t produce immediately.

— Williams excited for 3-4 [] Tara Ryan has a piece on about how Corey Williams is excited to clog the middle again at the front of Detroit’s defense. Williams describes how he is trying to get his motor back considering his main goal is to get off the line and to the ball as soon as possible.

— C.C. Brown has the world’s best agent [Big Blue View]Giants fans made it clear today how happy they are to not have C.C. Brown on the roster anymore. Fans of the blog voiced their opinion loudly on how Brown’s agent was able to actually land Brown an NFL gig. Including, “I don’t know who the guy is, but he has to be PHENOMENAL. He actually convinced the Detroit Lions that C.C. is an NFL player. I want to hire the guy to promote myself. <via Pride of Detroit>

— Pride of Detroit has a scouting report on undrafted free agent receiver Contrevious Parks.

Around the FanSided NFL Network:

— FanSided Sports Blog’s Andrew Melnick takes a look at the next Ndamukong Suh. Jared Crick will be a true talent in the NFL and Bo Pelini believes this kid can really create as much pressure up front as the beast the Lions just drafted second overall.

— NFL Spin Zone’s Bob Cunningham believes the Carolina Panthers should take a serious look at receiver Terrell Owens. Owens would be a good compliment to Steve Smith. If the Panthers want to develop Jimmy Clausen right, you would think they would put more weapons around him, despite having two of the best running backs in the game.

— The Landry Hat is busy updating the people on the latest happenings tonight for the Dallas Cowboys. First, feelings are shared on today’s trade of linebacker Bobby Carpenter for Rams tackle Alex Barron.  The Landry hate also evaluates whether Felix Jones can have a breakout season. The Cowboys have three solid running backs, but I still believe featuring Jones would be for the betterment of the ‘Boys.

— Arrowhead Addict is up late tonight as well, trying to find a new nickname for the Raiders. Some great names are thrown in, but you should join the comments and share your thoughts on a franchise that is in as big of a whole as our beloved kitties.

NFL Notes:

— So this whole Brian Cushing suspension just got even more weird.  After being suspended four games for taking a performance enhancing drug, the Texans linebacker has now taken a lie detector test to prove his innocence. The craziest part about it? He passed. Who would of known this saga would of gotten even more crazy. I’m guessing an appeal is even more on the way.