Alex Marvez Ranks Lions Best Overall on Draft Day


" called my attention to this…With an NFL off-season of transactions nearly in the books, Fox Sports has identified its winners and losers. Alex Marvez, senior NFL writer for, says the Lions had the best draft.He writes: “Because he was the top overall pick, the success of quarterback Matthew Stafford is how Detroit’s 2009 draft will ultimately be judged. But some other selections should also play a key role in getting this franchise back on its feet. Second-round pick Louis Delmas could become an immediate starter at safety. DeAndre Levy (third round) will likely be groomed at middle linebacker behind free-agent pickup Larry Foote. And Brandon Pettigrew, Detroit’s other first-round choice, is the team’s best tight end prospect since Hall of Fame selection Charlie Sanders in the 1970s.”Other winners and losers by Marvez:Worst draft: Cleveland.Best free-agent signing: Buffalo getting receiver Terrell Owens for one year and $6 million.Worst free-agent signing: St. Louis giving ex-Baltimore center Jason Brown $37.5 million, with $20 million guaranteed, over five years.Best trade: Kansas City getting quarterback Matt Cassel and linebacker Mike Vrabel from New England for a second-round draft pick.Worst trade: Denver dealing QB Jay Cutler to Chicago for two first-round picks, a third-round pick and QB Kyle Orton."

We had quite a little thing going when I dropped my Lions draft grade. I say D- . I stand by that. Why? Because I want to win Now. Not 3 seasons from now. I want results NOW. I’m sick of sucking. I’m sick of following a Loser team and I’m sick of the constant disappointment. I’m not going to let them sell me hope, sunshine and rainbows like they did with Roy Williams/Kevin Jones or Mooch or Marinelli and Martz. Produce.

I don’t disagree that the Lions picked the best players available at each position in the Draft. Delmas, great. Even Pettigrew… Great Tight End. I don’t think we’re in the position to be tight end shopping, but okay. And Stafford? Prove it. Hope he works out, but it’s a first overall QB pick. Prove it Alex Smith. Prove it.

In theory they’ve attoned for some of their sins via free agency, again I say prove it because those doing always work out either. Larry Foote: Will he be a Deion Sanders-like signing, a guy that swings in for a year and puts up numbers or will he be an Ahman Green? Does the name Scott Mitchell ring a bell? He was coveted. The Lions get him. He managed to look flaky and unreliable with Barry Sanders, Herman Moore and Brett Perriman on his squad. That’s like a skill at sucking.

I think I got away with being critical last season because the team was terrible. The worst ever in fact.

Hope springs eternal in the D. I admire the optimism, but I just don’t see it that way. Am I supposed to mix up the kool-aid and start swigging away because there’s a new sheriff and deputy in town? NO!

I don’t trust them.

I don’t trust them because they pick QB’s over dominant Tackles and Linebackers.

If they step out onto that field and look like a real football team, we’ll start talking about redemption and hope.

If the Dolphins can lose 15 and make the playoffs the next season, why the hell can’t we? Is our division tougher? Is our conference tougher? THEY’RE ALL TOUGH. It’s Pro Football and is occupied by the best of the best. They can all play. You need to get talent on board and get ready for game day!

I gave a lot of love and I’ve had nothing but “L”‘s in return. Put up a few “W”‘s and then daddy can’t wait to give back some love. Gushing, overwhelming love!

Until then I’m filing it all under “Same Old Lions”.