Read "Tailgaters Beware" here It makes sense on the surface.  The United ..."/> Read "Tailgaters Beware" here It makes sense on the surface.  The United ..."/>

Phinphanatic Raises the Alarm: Beer Prices Going Up.


"Read “Tailgaters Beware” hereIt makes sense on the surface.  The United States already taxes the hell out of cigarrettes, beer, wine, and just about everything else so raising the taxes on alcohol really makes sense.  Especially when you figure in the money dolled out to save GM…snicker…and of course bail out the credit card companies that just tried to raise my interest rates.  Oh wait, I don’t like talking about politics…let me step down off this soapbox.Where was I?  Ah yes, beer prices.  It has become a staple for sports enthusiasts.  Beer and liquor at tailgate parties, beer and liquor at home parties, beer and liquor at bars.  Not just on NFL Sundays but NBA finals, MLB games, college football games, NASCAR, Hockey…oh who the hell am I kidding…wherever there is a get together you can normally find beer.According to the article, the Government is looking to find a way to increase their funding to pay for healthcare in the States, specifically those that can’t afford healthcare…like say illegal immigrants and such.  Damn soap box…climb back down."

Now for my real job, I sell booze. Good booze.

I’m actually in the Guild of Sommeliers (that’s fancy talk for wine people); I love wine and there is so much to learn about with it, there is so much history and texture of the land that is imprinted into every bottle of that essential red drink. It also kept people from dying of Cholera.

And this is why I don’t like my Government. They don’t respect us. They don’t value hard working people. Why don’t your Senators and Rep’s Value hard work? Because they don’t know what it is. They’ve never done it. The whole system exists because they say so.  It’s a hustle, a glorious one at that. Look at the City of Detroit! It is because it is. So what do they attack?


They’ve made a pretty messed up, impersonal machine. They call it government. Max Weber called it the ‘Iron Cage of Rationality’; As the system grows more and more impersonal, more focused on pointless codes and regulations, not RELATIONSHIPS WITH PEOPLE AND GENERATING A MUTUAL SENSE OF COMMUNITY (like it should be), we will lose our humanity in the eyes of the system and will end up being just a number; Almost like an inmate.

So the bureucrats come after you and me. The normal guy that works hard all week (I hope you *get the priviledge of work*, I understand times are tough in Michigan and a lot of my readers may have lost their job to outsourcing or flat out bankruptcy of the company); All you want to do is catch a game. Have a beer. Not think about how tough and unfair the economic situation is right now… a whole metro-detroit area filled with skilled workers that have nothing to manufacture. So they come after you. They want to sap up that one little simple joy.

It’s a shame. It’s so frustrating.

I’ll take a tax on beer, wine and liquor if 100% of it goes to one thing:  A light train going up Woodward. Then Gratiot. Then others.

Detroit is actually the perfect city for decent public transportation. It’s shaped like a hub cap. It all goes to the center… If you’re in Birmingham, you can get on Woodward and go straight to downtown. Gratiot does the same. You have a highly skilled labor force of engineers and manufacturers and talented industrial geniuses that made America run for decades, they need something to do and we need to save our city.

If people can get some work for a few years, if my friends and I can do a little grilling at my house, hop on the train and catch a Lions/Tigers/Wings game and enjoy a few brews with out having to worry about driving or how we’re going to get home, tax my beer. Cool.

But they won’t. They’re greedy. The Government officials will take your money and float it to their buddies in local industry; they’ll use your money to make themselves and their friends rich. Cei La Vie.

Love your Country. Fear your government.

Leave hate mail in comments please.

PS- Let’s Go Red Wings Let’s Go!

Cindy Crosby will be dominated and let’s throw Ozzie some respect! Excellent performance this playoff series.