Will LT End Up On the Market? Wake Up Detroit, There Will Never Be Another Barry Sanders.


And if he does, ultimately what will happen?

Sports talk radio… er… the one station left that does that (for now) will become a foamy, frothy mess of callers chiming in with their “THE LIONS NEED TO GO OUT AND GET THIS GUY. GIVE UP WHATEVER IT TAKES AND PAY HIM WHATEVER HE WANTS” for hours and hours, morning to night.

The real question is, if this scenario plays out, SHOULD WE?


Plain and simple, No. Ladainian Tomlinson is done. It was fun while it lasted, here’s a kiss goodnight, try not to die when your carriage turns back into a pumpkin.

You see readers, the NFL is a horrible and tragic place, much like the dish tank at restaurant. The bad ones are plentiful and the good ones don’t stick around too long. Good running backs are few and far between and they don’t last very long.

As Lions fans, we are especially susceptible to the lust for the HB, for nearly a decade now we have lusted and yearned for a new Barry… Ladies and Gentlemen, there is no new Barry. That’s a one shot deal kids, a once in a lifetime thing. Soak it in, be glad you were a witness and move on. This shan’t happen again.

Where is Jamal Lewis? Terrel Davis? Stephen Davis? Priest Holmes? Cadillac Williams? Kevin Jones? Even Clinton Portis… Denver made him and well… Olandis Gary anyone?

(I goofed. I meant the guy from Denver that got Elway his ring, not the nobody waste of a draft pick from U of M)

The NFL has turned into a revolving door for the HB position, when you’re good, you get like 2 or 3 years and that’s that. /career. Coaches develop a system with a strong offensive line that creates a push and pocket protection and they look for a guy that can move it on the ground. A jersey; the name comes right off and you stitch in a new one. It’s cruel and unforgiving but in the end, you’re just a cog in the system Mr. Running Back.

The modern running back spends his Sunday getting in what is the equivalent of 30-40 Car Accidents. Last time I was in a car accident, I was laid out something nasty for like 2 weeks. This is what these guys deal with on a daily basis in practice and on the field.

This is why I don’t attach myself to a running back. I like Kevin Smith, but Kevin Jones had a decent rookie season too. And… Where is he? What has he done since the Lions cut him loose? Kept the pine nice and warm, that’s what.

Perhaps LT will go somewhere else and put a nice “!” on his career with some successful seasons, and I sincerely hope this is true, but I’m writing about an expansion team here and we can’t afford to bank our future on what could be a has been.