Rob Parker And Marinelli; Mr. Ford on the GM Search Status


In case you’re living in a cave and for some strange reason this is the only trap you check on the internet for your “professional” (LOL) Lions Team news, Rob Parker asked an off color question at the post game presser on Sunday.

He asked Coach Marinelli if he “wished his daughter married a better defensive co-ordinator”.

Enjoy Strahan and Terry ripping him to shreds? yow. Parker has attacked Marinelli’s nepotism on the subject of defense, as anybody else in the league with a def. co-ordinator that was running a last place defense for the second year running would clearly be fired. Perhaps Rob is right, but Marinelli is running the worst team in the league and he still has a job, and the guy that hired him was the worst GM in sports… for 8 years. So thats an unknown known.

Now to his credit, Coach Marinelli shrugged this whole thing off. Parker made a half assed “apology”, if you want to call it that. It’s more like “we’re cool, LOL”. However, Marinelli isn’t as cool as Parker would like you to think.

The meat of the issue is that Parker crossed the line. Don’t bring a guys family into it, it’s not cool and it never has been. Did we ask Andy Reid if his teams poor performance had anything to do with his son’s drug problem? No. Why? Because it’s tacky. Parker made a really tacky move. I want to acknowledge that Marinelli has handled this very susincly and gracefully. Yes the team sucks, Yes I hate the way he calls games and despise his poor clock management, Yes I don’t like the guys under him because I think they are terrible and I agree Joe Barry should be verbally ripped to shreds, but leave the daughter out of it. I bet Donnie Henderson is having a laugh right now.

Issue #2 : Ford has killed any and all hope.

He stated that he’s sticking with these guys so far. He doesn’t feel there is a football genius out there that can fix the problem and he doesn’t feel that a GM with full decision making power is the answer.

In other words he doesn’t want a guy that is effective and will make sweeping changes.

He said this before the Saints game. The one where they didn’t punt. They were 100% on 3rd downs. That’s right, Lions couldn’t stop them, not once IN A GAME. 6 Drives and 6 Touchdowns, just another day at the office for a team that has nothing to play for aside from perhaps helping their qb Brees catch Marino’s single season passing record.

Where we were clamoring for change, for a real team to root for, for just a little something to grab onto, there will be nothing. Unless Ford somehow changes his mind, there will be little change to the organization. And it will continue like this. No football in Detroit. No one going to the games and no one able to watch them on TV; there will be 8 home games and 8 blackouts. Will they even be able to sign their no. 1 draft pick? I wouldn’t play here. I would skip the year. I would make a stink like Eli Manning did. I would hold out. Who on Earth would want to play here? It’s a career killer. Nobody here gets out alive! And even the few that escape, blah. What have they done? How’s Roy doing? All you see him do is line up, he has lended no consequence to the Dallas offense.

This is a mess and its not getting any better and there is no hope.

I suggest you start looking for a new team to root for.