Why You Should Be All Wet And Rubbery Over The Name Floyd Reese


He was the general manager of the Tennessee Titans from 1994 to 2006. He was about 2 1/2 yards away from a Super Bowl ring. He knows how to draft, he knows how to build a good team. Heck, the Titans should have been a lot more successful in his tenure, they just seemed to be snake bitten with weird injuries. Apparently the brass above him really really wanted Vince Young and he was a Cutler fan. (Ps. that Vince Young, how’s he doing?) He sorta has ties to the Lions organization (he was the conditioning coach in the 70’s) and he actually speaks well of the team owner Ford. This is what he had to say about the Millen firing:

"Freep.comWhat was your first reaction when you heard Millen had been fired? A:“He’s been struggling with his image, his record has been struggling for quite awhile. The 0-3 record, the fact that they have not been playing well probably added to that. If I were to recommend anything to the Ford family, this is a great opportunity to sit down and analyze what’s going on.“They can’t bring anybody in that’s with a club. But there are really qualified people they could bring in to just help them, someone that’s been with a club, someone that’s knowledgeable, that’s had some success.”Sounds like you. Are you interested?A:“If I had Williams Clay Ford’s number, you’d be hearing a dial tone right now. I’m in a unique situation. I’ve been in the league 32 years. … I could be in Detroit tomorrow.“One of the real uncut gems in the NFL is Detroit. It has a great owner. He’s got a lot of money. He wants to win very badly, and he’s not one of those guys that’s on the sidelines. He just wants to find someone that can help him win.”"

He could be here tomorrow! GET HIM HERE. This guy is a winner. In 1994 the Oiler/Titans franchise SUCKED. He had them in the Super Bowl in a few years. He could be here on Monday! GET HIM!

You see, I hear too many people say that “Ford doesn’t care about winning, Ford doesn’t care about the fans all he cares about is selling tickets”. I disagree with that. If Ford didn’t care he wouldn’t spend so much money on personnel and players. They are inches away from the cap ceiling every year. They are always in the in the running for free agents (because Millen can’t draft). The owner of the LA Clippers once said (and I’m paraphrasing) “I’ve won at everything I’ve ever tried in my life, I’ve amassed great wealth doing so which lead to my ownership of this team. This is the first time in my life I just don’t know how to win.”

Ford wants to win. He spends the money. The hot names on the block way back when were Bobby Ross and Dan Reeves. They ponied up the dough and got the guy that took a garbage Chargers franchise at the time to the Super Bowl. Dan Reeves ended up taking the Falcons to the big show. We took Bobby. It didn’t work out so great. But at least they tried, right?

The Millen experiment has been a disaster. The only thing Millen was good at generating was preseason hype and hope. He would draft the sexy names that put up big college numbers and all the fans would get all foamy off the idea of C Rogers making a bajillion Harrington catches. The Marinelli circus show has beared rancid fruit, for the way he talks about focusing on fundamental football, this team should not be whimpering at a pathetic 0 – 3, all losses where they were down 21 to nothing (a field goal is NOTHING if you’re down 21).

Ford needs to get this guy and stop mettling, let him do his thing and let him lead this team to WINS.