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Lions tales: No Lynch, a pair of centers and how many D-linemen are too many?


There will be no Marinelli – Lynch reunion:

You knew the beat guys would ask Rod Marinelli about John Lynch when it was announced he was leaving the Broncos. Turns out he Lions have no need for a 37 year old safety, former Buc or not. It might have been a good story, but it wouldn’t have been a good football decision.

A pair of centers are signed:

As there is no legitimate backup to center Dominic Raiola in camp, the Lions signed 15 year veteran and long time Ram, Andy McCollum, along with undrafted free agent Nick Jones, to compete for the job. To make room on the roster, training camp fodder, guard/tackle Chris Patrick and guard Matt Butler, were released. As much grief as Raiola has taken over the years, he’s become one of the stalwarts of the offensive line. No matter who becomes his backup, Raiola gowing down would be one of the Lions’ worst nightmares.

Will the Lions open the season with 10 defensive linemen on the roster?

Killer Kowalski thinks so, even if Marinelli says he’s only keeping 9. Well, let’s see what they have, and decide for ourselves…

Dewayne White: Without question, their best DE. Hell yes.

Jared DeVries: Long time Lion who can play both end and tackle. His versatility means he’s a yes.

Cliff Avril: He’s a 3rd round pick, he BETTER make the team. Yes.

Corey Smith: If he makes the team, it’ll be due to his playing on special teams. On the bubble.

Cory Redding: Grossly overpaid, but still their best overall interior lineman now that Shaun Rogers is gone. Yes.

Chuck Darby: A Marinelli guy through and through. Yes.

Shaun Cody: Too much is invested in the former 2nd round pick to give up now. In his walk year, the Lions seem to think Cody is due for a big season. Yes.

Langston Moore: Very underrated backup at both end and tackle, a guy I personally really like. Makes plays, something few Lions have the ability to do. Yes.

Andre Fluellen: Another 3rd round pick who best make the team. If you are cutting 3rd round picks, you have major scouting issues. Yes.

So I see 9 who definitely make the team, and 1 bubble guy. If Smith makes the team, the question then becomes, which position do you short? Running back? Safety? Wide receiver? This is a position battle that bears close watch as camp goes on.

Pooch kicks:

No changes on the PUP list as of yet. The status of S Daniel Bullocks, TE Dan Campbell, WR Shaun McDonald and G Edwin Mulitalo remains unchanged.

The 2nd best WR to come out of GVSU, Eric Fowler, was a Lion for all of 3 days. He was waived earlier today.

Killer loves him some Kevin Smith. Will the 3rd round pick be the starting RB coming out of camp? This blogger hopes so. Smith has the most upside of any of the backs in camp. Smith is also one of the rookies keeping a camp diary on