Fords claim to be “proponents of affordable options.” Which is why they raised ticket prices, right?


You may have heard the those of us living in the great state of Michigan are going through tough financial times. “Tough” is an understatement. We’re in a big time recession.

The auto industry is the lifeblood of this state, and it’s bleeding cash and jobs profusely. High paying jobs are leaving this area by the thousands, never to return. Even the presidential candidates are saying as such.

Unemployment and home foreclosures are rampant. The real estate market has tanked. Discretionary income is hard to find for many people, including fans of the local pro teams. Which leads me to the Detroit Lions…

Earlier this year, after 7 consecutive losing seasons, while we’re in the midst of an economic crisis, the Lions raised ticket prices. One Hell of away for a franchise to thank their overly loyal fan base going through extremely tough financial times.

“Sorry you fans are having such a tough time financially. By the way, we increased 83% of our season-ticket prices. That $70 ticket is now $90. Will that be credit card or check?”


Fast forward to this week…

As you might image for a franchise that’s best known for losing, and losing a lot, season tickets aren’t exactly a hot item in Detroit. Who wants to pay top dollar to see a team run by a inept moron? Not very many, as season ticket holders are canceling in droves.

In an admission they my have made a mistake in raising prices, the Lions announced a new season ticket program. For the first time ever, they are offering split season packages. 5 games, 4 regular season and 1 useless exhibition, rather than the normal 10.

What was the Lions spin on their having to split season ticket plans in half to make them remotely affordable? Lions’ chief operating officer Tom Lewand spun like a spinning wheel…

"“The biggest driver here is our local economy,” Lewand said today. “The loyalty that our fans have shown is nothing short of phenomenal.”"

Lewand than had to GALL to add…

"“The Fords have always been proponents of affordable options.”"

What a load of bullshit! The Lions are literally talking out of both sides of their mouth. You raise ticket prices, then claim to be proponents of affordable options? Please. We fans may be NFL sheep, but we aren’t stupid.

And don’t even being the richer than God Ford family into this. To them, saving money means buying domestic caviar instead of imported. Don’t insult me by claiming they want to make an inferior product like the Lions “affordable.”

Call a spade a spade. You are having trouble selling 10 game season ticket plans, much in thanks to your ill-thought out raise in prices. A fanbase that that is both broke and unhappy with your product isn’t conducive to selling tickets. So in order to undo some of the damage, you have to offer mini-plans.

If you are going to bend the fans over, at least be truthful about it.