Is Matt Millen on the verge of getting hosed by the Broncos…again?


Big Al’s magic 8 ball says, “All signs point to yes.”

To get a feel as to why I’m so sure a trade between Denver and Detroit will blow up in Matt Millen’s face, we need to turn back the dial on the wayback machine 1 year.

On March 1, 2007, the Denver Broncos and Detroit Lions consummated a trade. The Broncos received Pro Bowl cornerback Dre’ Bly. Though Bly didn’t have a great season, he did start every game for Denver, making 5 interceptions.

As for the Lions? To but it bluntly, they were taken to the cleaners. They got hosed. They were boned. Mike Shanahan sent Matt Millen a pair of stiffs, a pair of never-gonna-be’s in Tatum Bell and George Foster, in return for Bly.

Bell began the season as the Lions starter at running back, but was benched after game 5, and literally never saw the field again. When Kevin Jones tore his ACL with 2 games left in the season, you’d think the Lions could have used Bell. Instead, they kept Bell deactivated on game days. Bell was a total bust as a Lion.

Foster was penciled in as a starter at right tackle immediately after the trade. Unfortunately, Foster had memory problems. He couldn’t remember the snap count. Foster performed so badly, the Lions gave up, and benched him halfway through the season.

When Detroit ran out of tackles due to injury in late November, rather than use Foster, the Lions instead moved life long guard Damion Woody to tackle. Woody hadn’t played tackle since high school, yet was deemed a better option than former 1st round draft pick Foster. If it is even possible, Foster was a bigger bust than Bell.

So when I saw reports coming out of Denver that the Broncos were on the verge of acquiring former Pro Bowl defensive tackle Shaun Rogers in a trade with the Lions? Well, lets just say alarms went off, and red warning flags were flying.

I’m wary Millen, once again, will get bent over by Shanahan in a trade. In fact, I’m more than wary. I’m confident the Lions’ porn ‘stached dolt of a GM will get badly burned by Denver.

I can picture it now. Shanahan is scouring his roster, deciding which 3rd stingers, players he was going to cut anyway, he can now pawn off on Millen. I’m betting at least one will be a wide receiver.

As of this moment, I’m not sure whom the Lions would receive from the Broncos in any Rogers trade, as no names or draft picks being discussed have been leaked. But when you have a trade in the making, with the winner of multiple Super Bowls on one side, and a moron on the other?

You can bet the farm on the Super Bowl winner getting the better of the deal.