NFL Power Rankings Week 8: Colts, Jets Earn Respect

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Oct 20, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning (18) shakes hands with Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12) after the game at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

This week’s NFL Power Rankings feature a passing of the torch. One torch was passed when Andrew Luck’s Indianapolis Colts defeated Peyton Manning and the previously unstoppable Denver Broncos.The Colts have given the rest of the league a blueprint for slowing the Broncos passing attack, and Luck held serve against the man whose shoes he’s still trying to fill.

It was an emotional game, and one I’m certain you’ll hear way too much about over the next week. Or season.But in the meantime, the loss by Denver means the No. 1 torch in our NFL Power Rankings this week has also been passed. Care to take a guess at who received it?

Why would you? You can literally just click a few times and find out, no charge. There are a bunch of changes in the top 10 this week, especially throughout the top five, but no worries—the bottom is still relatively predictable. Almost hilariously so.

Oh, and if you’re interested, feel free to compare SLR’s NFL Power Rankings from Week 7 to that of, say,, and sound off about which seems more accurate to you. And remember, SLR’s come out a day earlier.

Just saying.

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  • CommonSense

    Bengals at #9 “top 8 logged with better teams”

    Follows by #8 Pats and #7 Packers

    Both teams the Bengals gave them their first loss.

    • Dean Holden

      Actually, the Packers opened the season with a loss to San Francisco. But your point is valid nonetheless. I couldn’t move them because they’ve been so schizophrenic this season, but if they beat the Jets next week, I’ll have no doubts left.

  • Zev

    Outcome are widely influenced by chance. Chance evens out. Colts “luck” may have run out. Both critical wins (Broncos/Hawks) were at home and were not dominant. Yes they won. Unfortunately for them Wayne may be gone for the remainder.

    KC beat a stumbling Texans team by a point with a 3rd string QB who started for the first time. Not impressed.

    Saints lost to Brady on awful time management. Saints are the best team and Hawks are a close second.

    But everyone is entitled to their opinion.

    Neither Colts or Chiefs will make it to the SB. My opinion.

    • Dean Holden

      Quite possible. My opinion, neither will the Broncos. The passing attack blinds people to how bad the rest of the team is. As we saw, you need only slow the passing game a little bit, and the rest of the team can’t pick up the slack. This is a team that needs to score 40 to win every week. Not what playoff teams are made of. I like the Saints, I even had them in first before the loss, but they need to get back to winning before I move them back up (obviously they can’t during a bye week).

  • Tok20000

    Hmmm… You imply that Dallas is a “nobody” team because KC hasn’t played anybody. Well, Dallas has lost three games by very narrow margins: KC in KC, Denver in Dallas, and the Chargers in SD. All of these games were VERY close. KC deserves some credit for defeating Dallas. Now the Cowboys play your Lions… It should be a good game. I would not be surprised if Dallas wins.

    • Dean Holden

      I wouldn’t be surprised, either. That’s why I put Dallas in the top 10, ahead of the Lions. I expect a very close, very well-played game.

  • Tok20000

    People have short memories… Indy lost to San Diego by 10 last week. That loss should send Indy down the rankings a bit (2nd seems too high for Indy).

    • Dean Holden

      That loss is keeping them from being No. 1. I think they got caught looking ahead a little bit. That, or they’re very inconsistent (which we’ll fine out eventually). Either way, they’re 5-2 after one of the toughest first-half schedules in the NFL this year. Show me another team that would go 3-0 against the 49ers, Seahawks, and Broncos.

  • Redmond Wood

    Speaking of the Bengals, Holden says, “They deserve a move up, but… who do you move down?”

    Simple. The team the Bengals beat, who also have one fewer win: Green Bay. Or, maybe, the Patriots, who the Bengals man-handled a few weeks back.

    Maybe a little NFC North bias at play…

    • Dean Holden

      Hmmm… fair points, both. I guess I still have some skepticism because I’ve see “bad Andy Dalton” at work this season. It’s the same reason I’m not a big believer in Jay Cutler or the Bears. They keep up this consistency and knock out the Jets next week, and they’ll leapfrog a bunch of teams.

  • Kneesh

    Give me a break… KC first? In all their games, they’ve only played one team that has a winning record – Dallas (4-3) and they barely beat them at Arrowhead. The rest of the teams they’ve played are Houston (2-5), Oakland (2-4), Tennessee (3-4), NY Giants (0-6) Philadelphia (3-4) and Jacksonville (0-7). Yea, they’re undefeated but you can’t just dismiss their weakness of their schedule as if it had nothing to do with it.

    • JohnG

      Did you give this same argument when Denver was number 1 for several weeks? Probably not, so why rag on KC for winning games they are scheduled to play?

      • Kneesh

        I made the same argument, I just never posted it here. I’m not ragging on KC – obviously, they’re a good football team. The point I’m making is that DH is wrong in thinking that they deserve a first place ranking with the weak schedule they’ve had. Top five?… sure, but I think there are other teams that have a loss or two due to tougher opponents but are stronger than KC.

    • Dean Holden

      You can’t beat who you don’t play. KC isn’t winning by 30 per game, but winning by narrow margins each week is a sign of good coaching and good on-field management. Eventually they’ll play Denver and be truly tested. Until then, they deserve respect. This isn’t college football — those wins will help them get to the playoffs regardless of who they come against.

      • Kneesh

        … and I agree, they should make the playoffs if they win enough games – we will rue the day if it ever comes to teams making the playoffs because they were voted in but we have to remember this is a power ranking, not a respect ranking. No disrespect to KC but I maintain that pound for pound, there are other teams that are stronger teams. So what’s the best way to determine that?… by their number of wins AND the strength of the teams the’ve beaten.

    • Scott Vincent

      You guys do realize that most teams that go worst to first have an easy schedule, right? KC can only beat who is in front of them…that’s it, and they’re doing that. When they go to the playoffs and get beat, you can sit in your pot of “they haven’t beat anyone” and stew in it. Until then, they’re beating everyone put in front of them and that’s all they can do. Either way, there is absolutely no denying that they’ve gone from crap to gold.

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  • Ian B

    Fair enough, KC have earned number 1, but power rankings are supposed to be who would be best head to head. There are a few teams who would beat the Chiefs. Indy should probably be number one because they are playing mistake free football, but I think Denver or Seattle would beat them at their respective homes and without all of the errors. Manning was visibly not himself last night and I think there is a different outcome at a different venue. And Miami or San Diego would beat the Colts.

    • JohnG

      Mistake free football by the Colts? I guess our memory is very short term because I remember a very mistake ridden loss to SD last week.

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  • Daveraham Lincoln

    Bengals have a better record than the Packers and they beat them. Bengals have the same record as the Patriots and they beat them. Yet both are ranked higher. In reality both the Pats and the Pack will finish with better records but give the Who-Dey a little love while their shining bright.

  • Scott Vincent

    I love all these jokesters posting that KC doesn’t have a tough schedule…..neither do Denver…Pats….’cetra. Is it easy? Sure, but they’ve played 7 NFL games and haven’t loss…unless you play the Jags every week that’s no easy task…and as I remember, the Jags were neck and neck with Denver for a bit.
    Like you say, they’re undefeated, period. If they beat Denver next month, people will be attacking Denver’s easy schedule and how they lost to the Colts so KC doesn’t deserve a win.

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