Top 5 Most Disappointing Lions Draft Picks of the 2000's

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DETROIT – Every year around draft time, along with all the mock drafts we are all treated to the ‘Worst Draft Picks’ lists from everyone and their grandma.

No other team knows draft busts like the Detroit Lions.

From Andre Ware to Charles Rogers, the Lions are as synonymous with bad draft picks as Ryan Leaf is to the worst pick ever.

But when you look at the Lions picks in the last decade, bust isn’t the correct term to use. Instead, the word is disappointment. The players the Lions selected were in no way shape or form busts per say.

A bust is defined as a player who just fizzles and fizzles fast. The players the Lions selected have gone on to other teams at high prices, something busts aren’t associated with. The Lions just really lucked out on a majority of the players they selected that are no longer on the roster.

There are busts, but the overall consensus is disappointment at what could have been.

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