Lions tales: Sims has surgery, throwbacks are back, Stanton can't hit the broad side of a barn

With mini-camp underway, we are finally getting a trickle of news from the Lions. and it’s not of the “email telling fans to fuck off” sort.

More //sarcasm on// good news //sarcasm off// on the player personnel front. Ernie Sims, one of the few players on the Lions considered to be Pro Bowl material, had to undergo shoulder surgery. No one’s talking as to when, or how, Sims was hurt.

Sims is reluctant to discuss the injury to his right shoulder, or even when it occurred last season.

“To be honest, I don’t know exactly what game it was,” Sims said Wednesday. “It was something I was playing with. It’s something I had to play with. It was probably about half the season.”

One little throwaway line concerns me…

“I don’t want to push it,” Sims said. “I believe I’ll be ready for camp.”

“Believe I’ll be ready?” Considering camp is approximately 2 months away, I would hope so. If Sims isn’t ready, the Lions have MAJOR issues at a position at which they are already extremely thin.

Finally, we have some GOOD news. Remember the Lions’ kick ass throwback unis? The solid Honolulu bluejerseys with solid silver pants and helmets from their 1950’s glory days? The really cool unis the Lions replaced with their horrific, arena football-like, porn ‘stached goon approved, black jerseys? They’re coming back!

Now this is a classy uni. Screw Millen’s Raiders inspired black alternates…

The Lions will wear their old throwback uniforms for two games this season as part of their 75th anniversary celebration.

Plain silver helmet. Plain Honolulu blue and silver jersey. Plain silver pants and blue socks.

The Lions will wear them Nov. 9 against Jacksonville, when they unveil their 75th anniversary team, and for their Thanksgiving Day game Nov. 27 against Tennessee.

Even better news is the throwbacks will become the 3rd uniform, the alternate worn on special occasions like the Thanksgiving Day game. We will no longer see Millen’s black jerseys, at least for the foreseeable future.

Thank fucking God!

According to Mlive’s Killer Kowalski, Drew Stanton is still having issues throwing the ball. To say he’s inconsistent is being generous. Just ask the man running the offense, Jim Colletto…

Today, he didn’t throw an interception so that was a huge plus,” said Lions offensive coordinator Jim Colletto after Wednesday’s morning workout.

It makes you wonder how many picks Stanton has been throwing up to this point! And there was this confidence inspiring bon mot from Colletto as well…

“I kind of close my eyes and don’t pay attention,” Colletto said with a smile.

Um, yeah. That’s encouraging as all Hell. (Big Al says, comment dripping with saracsm…) This is the QB of the future and offensive coordinator, folks! Good Lord…

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