Ranking the potential 2024 head coaching opportunities for Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn

With four interview requests and seven current openings, let's rank the best head coaching opportunities for Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn.
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2. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons are going after some big fish to replace Arthur Smith, interviewing Bill Belichick and more surprisingly Harbaugh this week. After a 1-on-1 meeting with owner Arthur Blank, Belichick will have a more extensive meeting with the entire Falcons' brass this weekend.

The Falcons are another team who has requested to interview both Glenn and Johnson. Glenn has a tie to the front office in Atlanta, as general manager Terry Fontenot worked in the New Orleans Saints' front office when Glenn was on Sean Payton's coaching staff there.

The Falcons' pursuit of Belichick is ramping up. But even with one of Belichick's potential options (Dallas) out of play, it's no guarantee they can close the deal. Blank has fallen short in his pursuit of a big name coach before. The presence of CEO Rich McKay could be a fly in the Belichick ointment, as noted by Pro Football Talk.

The current pursuit of big names aside, Glenn would not be an "ok, we'll settle for him" candidate for the Falcons. The tie to Fontenot, and defensive coordinator Ryan Nielsen should he stay in his post a the defensive coordinator under a new head coach (Glenn being the hire may make that more likely) is meaningful until Atlanta hires a new head coach.