Ranking the potential 2024 head coaching opportunities for Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn

With four interview requests and seven current openings, let's rank the best head coaching opportunities for Detroit Lions defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn.
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6. Carolina Panthers

The Panthers have Johnson high on their list of head coaching candidates again, with one of the aforementioned virtual interviews reportedly scheduled with the Lions' offensive coordinator on Friday. They have not submitted, and may not at this point submit, an interview request for Glenn.

Even if the Panthers wanted to talk to Glenn, the reasons the job in Carolina is not very appealing stand as the same for him as they would be for Johnson or any other candidate. David Tepper has taken the throne as the worst owner in the NFL, the roster is well shy of the talent it needs to be good anytime soon and Bryce Young looks like he'll be overmatched in the NFL. The bad far outweighs any of the good or the potential promise.

Glenn may simply not be wanted for the Panthers' job unless all else (Johnson, etc.) fails. In the grand scheme of things, they're doing him a favor if that's the case.

5. Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers are one of the teams who have submitted an interview request for both Lions' coordinators, and they have a virtual interview scheduled with Johnson on Saturday now.

After firing Brandon Staley, the Chargers seem likely to lean toward an offensive mind with their next head coach. The fanbase wants Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh, and he's the easy favorite until further notice. The presence of quarterback Justin Herbert is a great place for any new regime to start, and he's the chief reason the job would appeal to head coaching candidates-of course including an offensive mind like Johnson.

Getting down to it, Glenn doesn't seem to be very high on the Chargers' list as they aim for a big name or other coaches with an offensive background. Even if he ultimately interviews, the odds he gets the job are incredibly low until shown otherwise.