Predicting the rest of the Detroit Lions schedule after their Week 9 bye

The Detroit Lions had a much-needed week off, but here's a prediction for the rest of their 2023 schedule after the Week 9 bye.
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Week 13, at New Orleans Saints

The Lions have some past Saints' ties (head coach Dan Campbell, defensive coordinator Aaron Glenn, linebacker Alex Anzalone), and the 2023 Saints are not a pushover. But top to bottom and across the board Detroit is the far better team here. So while it could be a low-scoring, close game, and it will be if the Saints can help it, a mark in the win column is lined up for Detroit.

Prediction: Lions 20, Saints 14

Week 14, at Chicago Bears

It's not breaking news that early December in Chicago could be very ugly weather-wise. But the Lions' style of play should navigate the conditions just fine, and the effort level of the Bears' players could be starting to wane by Week 14 if (when?) they only have two or three wins.

Prediction: Lions 23, Bears 10

Week 15, vs. Denver Broncos

The Broncos have been playing better lately, winning two games in a row as they also have their bye in Week 9. But they still aren't very good, and by Week 15 they could officially be playing out the string of a disappointing first season under head coach Sean Payton.

This sort of reeks of a potential trap game for the Lions, at home against an inferior team eight days out from Christmas. The question is if that's enough to fashion a viable upset prediction.

Prediction: Broncos 24, Lions 23