Peter King thinks the Lions will really miss Jamaal Williams

It's a take that some people probably still have, but Peter King thinks the Lions will miss Jamaal Williams a lot.
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It was a concept a lot of Detroit Lions fans would not entertain in the weeks leading into free agency. But it happened, as contract talks with Jamaal Williams stalled and they pivoted quickly to David Montgomery. It's a talent upgrade, at minimum, despite what some people may think with no actual evidence that backs it up.

And for those who want to refer to Williams' great "culture fit", please refer to his lame comments about the contract offer the Lions made to him. It was reportedly the same offer Montgomery accepted, or basically the same offer, by the way. The intangible drop-off, if any, from Williams to Montgomery is being greatly exaggerated.

Peter King appeared with's Tim Twentyman on the "Twentyman In The Huddle" podcast this week for a training camp preview. It sounds like King's annual training camp tour will include a must-stop in Allen Park to visit the Lions.

Peter King thinks the Detroit Lions will really miss Jamaal Williams

King being in on the Lions is not new, and he still is based on what he said to Twentyman. But he does have one area of concern on the offensive side of the ball, if that's even the right word.

"My only my only issue with the Lions on offense quite honestly is, I really like what Jamaal Williams brought to them last year in all ways. I think they might miss him some. I really do. I think they might. They really might miss him more than people think.""

Peter King

No less an authority than general manager Brad Holmes, not that he'd say otherwise, thinks the Lions upgraded at running back this offseason. That points directly at Montgomery being a better back than Williams, which is easy to see.

King hinted at the Lions also missing what Williams brought off the field as a loquacious leader, which might be something. But's also easy to overvalue that kind of thing, as a void that somehow can't be filled by someone else moving forward.

Time will tell if Willliams is leaving behind an unfillable void for the Lions, on and/or off the field. It just feels unlikely.


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