Mekhi Wingo sends message to Lions veterans during rookie minicamp

Detroit Lions rookie defensive lineman Mekhi Wingo is ready to accelerate the learning process as he transitions to the NFL.

Mekhi Wingo was expected to be a Day 2 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, but he slid to Day 3 and the Detroit Lions seem to have gotten a real steal.

At rookie minicamp this past weekend, the rookie defensive lineman made it clear he doesn't plan to let his draft fall negatively impact him.

"I kind of fell in the draft a little bit, but I fell into the perfect situation", Wingo said. "I'm glad to be here, and I've always played with that chip on my shoulder. I'm a six foot defensive tackle, you got to have (a chip) or it ain't going to be fun for you out there. So, just continue to do what I do, give my all and go hard."

In terms of how Wingo plans on making an impact when he does see the field, he knows the key will be fine tuning elements of his game.

"I just have to use my quickness. Obviously, I'm an undersized guy so everything I do has to be that much better. My hand placement, my eyes and just all the things of that nature. I got to do everything at the next level where maybe a bigger guy wouldn't have to, so that's just what I'm focusing on. Getting better every day."

Mekhi Wingo ready to embrace leadership from Lions' veterans

Though veterans obviously weren't part of rookie minicamp, Wingo is already looking toward being able to work with older players on the Lions' defensive line. He has already chatted with defensive tackle Alim McNeill, and free agent signing DJ Reader will surely be someone Wingo is ready to learn from.

"I'm just a guy that wants to soak in all the knowledge they can give me. I'm not a guy that's gonna come in and think I know everything. I'm starting at the bottom, so anything they can teach me, I'm going to take it and run with it and try to add my own flair to it as well."

Motivated by his initial draft snub and ready to work, Wingo sounds ready to whatever is necessary to make an immediate impact as a sixth-round pick.


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