Lomas Brown reveals his biggest remaining concern for the Lions heading into season

Radio analyst Lomas Brown explained his biggest concern for the Detroit Lions headiing into the season.
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The Detroit Lions invested in renovating their roster heading into the 2023 season, and even though there is positivity some questions remain.

Specifically, have the Lions improved enough defensively? Team radio analyst Lomas Brown visited "The Dan Patrick Show" on Wednesday, and was asked what his top concern is this season. Brown didn't hesitate to name it.

"My biggest concern with the Lions right now is our defense. We know what the offense can do. It's the defensive side of the ball. We know where we finished last year, and towards the end of the season, we became a better defense. Still, finishing towards the bottom of the pack, that's just not going to get it done. We had too many shootouts last year that we tried to win and we couldn't win, so hopefully this year, we won't be in as many close games. Hopefully the defense will be able to step up some good service for the offense."

Lomas Brown

Last year, despite improvement late, the Lions finished last in the NFL in total defense. So Brown is right to want to see improvements on that side of the ball.

Lomas Brown talks about Jack Campbell impressing early with Detroit Lions

In terms of players who could help ease concerns on the defensive side, Brown sees one that looks ready in the form of rookie linebacker Jack Campbell.

The Lions triggered the positional value wonks when the took Campbell, an off-ball linebacker, 18th overall in April. But Brown told Patrick he has been pleased with what he has seen from the rookie.

"Jack Campbell, the linebacker, I've been pleasantly surprised. I really have been. He's a big guy. 6-foot-5 about 250 pounds in there and that's a long guy. He has great range in the middle, so I want to continuously see him get better and better. Even though he's a rookie, I think he's going to play a lot for the Lions this year."

Lomas Brown

Defensively, the Lions have plenty of questions to answer. If Campbell can emerge quickly, it would go a long way toward easing worries that still linger in the minds of some.

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