Jared Goff touts the Detroit Lions 'superpower' following statement win

The Detroit Lions are able to bounce back very strong after encountering adversity, something Jared Goff touts as a superpower as they finish off the season and get ready for a postseason push.
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After a hot start to the season, the Detroit Lions hit a rough patch. But such streaks aren't uncommon in the NFL for good teams.

Jared Goff knew trouble would find the Lions, but the appropriate response was key. After an ugly Week 14 performance, the Lions blew out the Denver Broncos with a very solid showing.

Why were the Lions able to dominate? Goff thinks the adversity Detroit has faced in previous seasons dwarfs anything that has played out in 2023.

"I think every team goes through (lulls), but our superpower is how we respond. It starts with Dan (Campbell) and goes to me and through the offense, the coordinators and coaches and everybody. Our superpower is how we respond as a team, as a unit, as a group. We've been through a lot of adversity as a group. A three game lull where we've won one of three is not the worst thing we've been through."

Goff did his part, shaking off a two interception game in Chicago to throw for 278 yards and five touchdowns against the Broncos. Having a short memory in the NFL is as key as maintaining perspective. In 2021, Detroit lost 13 games. Last season, they finished 9-8. Now, they're 10-4.

For this reason, Goff and the Lions feel there is nothing they can't overcome.

Dan Campbell thinks Detroit Lions are prepared for bigger winning

Even though the Lions struggled, the fact they were able to bounce back impressed Campbell, who has seen his squad show important traits as the playoffs move closer.

Campbell believes the Lions can do a bit of everything on both sides of the ball, which helps to prove they can win in different ways.

"We have have the traits to to be able to play a number of different ways. We've got an offensive line, we got a quarterback, we got a defense that I think can play disruptive and the only thing that's missing for us right now is getting these turnovers and bunches and it's coming. I believe it's coming. We got one today, we held on to the football and that's the formula. We got some (running) backs. I feel like we got a little bit of everything."

In addition to on-field traits, the Lions have the mental goods to push through highs and lows. With that in mind, they look prepared for the stretch run.

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