Jared Goff takes accountability after messy stretch of football for Lions

Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff has struggled with turnovers the last two weeks, but as he explained, he has to find a way to be better and limit some of the mistakes that have doomed both him and the offense lately.
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Jared Goff enjoyed a solid start to the 2023 season for the Detroit Lions, but he has suddenly hit a rough patch.

In the last two games, Goff has been sloppy, accounting for six turnovers. In Week 11, he threw three interceptions to the Chicago Bears. Week 12, he lost three fumbles against the Green Bay Packers. To say he has looked inconsistent is an understatement.

Still, the quarterback didn't shy from questions in the wake of Detroit's 29-22 loss to the Packers on Thanksgiving Day. Goff isn't sure why the turnovers are coming in bunches, but knows he must take steps to limit them.

"No rhyme or reason. I tend to look at them individually and see what I could have done better and sometimes there is an answer, sometimes there isn't. But overall, yeah, it's my job take care of the football and (I've) got to do a good job of that."

When he was traded by the Los Angeles Rams, a major reason was seen to be Goff's lack of ball security and inability to limit mistakes. He has done a solid job of fixing that since coming to Detroit.

That turnover trouble has come roaring back though, causing some to question whether Goff is currently dealing with an underlying injury. Regardless, there is little doubt he has not looked like the same player lately.

Jared Goff believes he must limit turnovers to help Detroit Lions

In terms of his most recent fumbles, Goff knows mistakes were made, but also is comfortable admitting at least one of the plays against the Packers was very close as his arm was moving forward.

No matter, Goff understands it's his job to find answers for the multitude of turnovers that have dogged him recently.

"You look at them individually. Like the the one where I'm throwing the ball? It's hard. It's tough. It's minuscule. Like it's called incomplete sometimes, sometimes it's a fumble. The one where I'm scrambling, I got to take care of the ball better, no doubt. Just overall, can always do that better and it's part of my job."

Goff will have a chance to get things on a better track in Week 13 against the New Orleans Saints, and it's clear he understands he has to find a way to take care of the ball far better.


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