Jared Goff reveals what makes Detroit Lions offense special under Ben Johnson

Appearing on "Pardon My Take," Lions quarterback Jared Goff dished on the team's offense under Ben Johnson and his trade to Detroit.
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Jared Goff has flourished over the last season-plus as the Detroit Lions quarterback, due in no small part to Ben Johnson taking on a bigger role--first as passing game coordinator to close the 2021 season, then as offensive coordinator last year.

Johnson has given Goff ownership in the Lions' offense, leaning into what the quarterback does best (what a novel concept) and minimizing, not eliminating things Goff doesn't like.

Goff joined Barstool Sports' "Pardon My Take" podcast, and was asked about his strong feelings for Johnson. As Goff said, Johnson has put his faith directly in him to lead the team and given him an elevated responsibility for the offense,

"I think he he allows for me personally to kind of be creative and I get a lot of decision making capabilities at the line of scrimmage. He puts a lot in my hands, a lot on my plate and allows me to play quarterback and and really direct the offense."

Jared Goff

In addition, Goff believes the aggressive nature of Johnson and head coach Dan Campbell has rubbed off on the offense.

"He's very aggressive. Obviously Dan (Campbell's) very aggressive. We kind of take on that personality as an offense, and being able to do creative things that are actually sound and good, football is a lot of fun."

Jared Goff

Jared Goff maintained confidence after trade to the Lions

After the trade to Detroit, Goff revealed how the overall adjustment was a bit difficult. But he clung tight to his personal convictions, through the frustration he faced in the days after the trade.

Joining such a welcoming staff eased the transition in the early days, and Goff said he never lost faith in what he could do as a player. Which helped him through some of the rocky early days with the Lions.

"I never lost confidence in myself. I think I always remained true to myself and knew who I was and what I can do. Having a crew here like Dan (Campbell) and Brad (Holmes) and now Ben Johnson and these coaches and players that believed in me only made it that much easier to do it for myself. Certainly you can get in some tough times, but I never I never lost confidence in what I can do."

Jared Goff

Boosted by an offense he is comfortable in, and a coaching staff that believes in him, Goff is taking on the look of a very confident quarterback heading into his third season in Detroit.

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