Jared Goff reveals fantastic gift to thank Lions' offensive line for its hard work

Detroit Lions quarterback Jared Goff has revealed an ironic and well-timed offseason gift to thank his offensive line for a great season.
Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

Jared Goff was boosted all year by his offensive line, and at the conclusion of the Detroit Lions' season, he is paying them special credit as a result.

Goff enjoyed another impressive season throwing the ball, and to thank the big guys up front, he went to the jewelry store sharing his name to pick out some new swag. Goff revealed with a social media post he had treated his linemen to some Breitling watches from Jared.

"Got some gifts here for the big fellas. Got one for (Taylor) Decker, one for Jonah (Jackson), one for Frank (Ragnow) one for Graham (Glasgow), one for Penei (Sewell), one for (Dan) Skipper, one for Kayode (Awosika) and one for Colby (Sorsdal). From Jared, by Jared."

This past season, the Lions had the fifth-best rushing attack in the league and the second-best passing offense. The offensive line paved the way for that success.

While a few changes could come, Frank Ragnow will stick around as a key cog and Taylor Decker will continue to serve as the heartbeat of the group.

Jared Goff reveals biggest lesson from Detroit Lions career thus far

Since coming to the Lions in 2021, Goff has put everything together. But instead of taking credit for what he's done to help Detroit's resurgence himself, he has once again deferred credit to others.

After the season, Goff was asked to put his last few years in perspective. He revealed that he's learned a lot about himself, but even more about those around him that have helped put him in position for success.

"You learn you can handle a lot more than maybe you think you could and how tough you are. I think I always knew that. I never really had a chance to truly prove it in the circumstances we had here over the last three years, but you learn a lot about who you are and who you want to be and who the people around you are. I'm very proud of the people around me and the people that are in this building and proud of myself in a lot of ways too.... Very proud to be a part of this group."

With a bright future ahead, Goff knows the best could be yet to come for himself and the Lions. It was certainly a savvy move to reward his linemen for their hard work.