Jared Goff claps back at Ryan Fitzpatrick diss after beating Packers

Jared Goff had the opportunity to roast Ryan Fitzpatrick for a hot take the former quarterback offered following the Detroit Lions' blowout win over the Green Bay Packers.
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Jared Goff is playing fantastic football for the Detroit Lions, and it appears he is keeping some receipts along the way.

Goff has rejuvenated his career, and is off to a solid start in 2023 having already thrown for 1,029 yards. Despite that, criticisms of his game persist in the court of public opinion.

One of the folks offering those questions is former quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. Now an analyst for "Thursday Night Football," Fitzpatrick had a take that Goff is a "poor man's Matt Ryan." After Detroit's 34-20 win over the Green Bay Packers, Goff had a response during a postgame interview.

"I thought I played better throughout the game. Hope it's up to your standards. I didn't know I was a poor man's anything, but you know, it's OK. I heard about that. Matt Ryan's a hell of a player. I'm giving you a hard time."

The interaction was playful, but based on Goff's tone there was some seriousness behind his words. The Lions like to say they insulate themselves from outside talk, but Goff's response showed he's aware of the commentary about him.

Not only did Goff take home a road win, but he got to have the last word with Fitzpatrick as well.

Jared Goff proud of his ability to bounce back after mistakes

A major knock on Goff in his career has been his propensity to turnovers. This season, he has shown he can turn the page.

Goff started the game with an interception, setting Green Bay up in the red zone. The play only led to a field goal, and Goff was able to drive down the field and get Detroit in the end zone. It's been three straight weeks with Goff bouncing back after turnovers.

As Goff told the media, the ability to respond fast is something that he takes pride in:

"Bouncing back is the M.O. and I've done a pretty good job of that. Finding a way to bounce back when things are bad or you make a bad play and try to do that all night. (It) wasn't maybe my sharpest tonight, but (I) did everything I needed to do to win."

Goff just keeps winning, and looks more unflappable by the day. That's true both on the field and off.

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