Jared Goff accepts blame for Lions' dreadful Week 7 performance on offense

The Detroit Lions had plenty of problems in a blowout loss to the Baltimore Ravens, but Jared Goff accepted the blame for the offense's inability to get in rhythm all afternoon.
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The Detroit Lions were drilled by the Baltimore Ravens 38-6 on Sunday, and they were equally bad on both sides of the ball.

Detroit only managed 337 yard of offenses, and Jared Goff passed for 284 yards and one interception. There was a lack of organization, and Goff was off his game.

Goff took full responsibility for the Lions' offensive ineptitude.

"Certainly I can speak for the offense. We got a lot of things to clean up and it starts with me just being better and making sure the ball is going where it needs to go all the time. Everyone has their own thing to work on I'm sure, but (it) always can come back to me and (making) sure that I'm leading us the right way."

Goff wasn't the only one to blame, of course. But as the quarterback, the spotlight naturally falls on him.

Dan Campbell: Detroit Lions' offense was doomed by early struggles

The Lions didn't establish themselves offensively, and according to Dan Campbell, the reason was the slow start.

Detroit's first two series ended fast, and the Lions weren't able to run the ball to establish their identity. As Campbell said, that put the offense behind and they could never settle into a proper rhythm.

"The run game always helps us. That's something we always want to hang our hat on. It's kind of where everything starts for us. We couldn't. I'll be the first to say, when you go three and out your first two series and they gain 14 points, that's a hard recipe early in the game. You feel you get put in a pretty tough spot in both areas."

The Lions' offense not being able to get anything going early put a defense that clearly had no answers for Baltimore's offense in an even worse position.

While Sunday's mess was a total team effort from the start, Goff accepted his share of the blame.

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