Former NFL head coach sees path to league MVP for Jared Goff

If the Lions meet high expectations this season, a former NFL head coach sees a path to winning league MVP for Jared Goff.

If you were listing Detroit Lions players who will be most critical to the team's success this season, quarterback Jared Goff is high on the list--if not atop it. An offense that expects to remain among the most efficient and productive in the NFL will be driven by what Goff does. Or proves unable to repeat.

The hype train for the 2023 Lions is at full speed, and apparently still adding passengers as training camp nears.

The 33rd Team recently listed out six dark horse NFL MVP candidates for 2023, with input from their team of analysts. Former Colts head coach Chuck Pagano was called on, and he took up the case for Goff.

"After a deep dive into this topic and a lengthy convo with my dear friend Evan, who’s the biggest Detroit Lions fan of all time and a producer/videographer for the Pat McAfee Show, I think Jared Goff is the dark horse candidate to win the MVP.

Offensive coordinator Ben Johnson had multiple head coaching opportunities and turned them down to run it back with Goff. It was Johnson’s first year as OC, and they were a top-five offense. Their relationship is only going to grow."

Chuck Pagano

Jared Goff would etch his place in Lions history if the team meets high expectations this season

The tentpoles of a losing run for the Lions are well-known. They haven't won a playoff game since 1991, and they haven't won their division since 1993. Winning records have been elusive over those three decades, and Goff already put that on his Lions' resume last year.

The next step for the Lions is double-digit wins, a division title and a home playoff game. If those things happen this year, Goff would surely go down as an "all-time Lion", like Pagano suggested in the final line of his write up. As for winning league MVP, that will be a far more uphill climb; requiring a level Goff will have a hard time reaching to usurp the top candidates who can go unnamed.


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