Detroit Tigers ruthlessly trolled Aaron Rodgers on video board

And it ruled.
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New York Jets v New England Patriots / Billie Weiss/GettyImages

There's never a bad time to troll Aaron Rodgers. Any time any team can find a way to do it, they should. There are so few things that bring everyone together at this point, and one of our society's last remaining bonding experiences is making fun of him. We all deserve to have some of our most sacred traditions kept that way.

Enter the Detroit Tigers. They know how important "making fun of Aaron Rodgers" is to our national collective mental health. They know that now, more than ever, we need to band together as a country to make fun of Aaron Rodgers. Our nation's great healing process begins with making fun of Aaron Rodgers. I'm no economist, but I imagine that today's cost of living would only become more affordable if we made fun of Aaron Rodgers just a bit more. That's how important it is.

That's why the Tigers – bless their hearts – stepped up to the plate (sorry) and delivered. During Sunday's game, Detroit decided to play a fun round of trivia with a lucky fan. And what better time to make fun of Aaron Rodgers than during a round of mid-inning scoreboard trivia?

I mean, that's not even really clever trivia or anything – that's just a fact. Jalen Reeves-Maybin did have more completions than Aaron Rodgers last year. That's true. And that's because Aaron Rodgers didn't complete a single pass last year. This is a wonderful roast because it is as factually accurate as it is harsh. And if anyone knows that facts don't care about your feelings, it's Aaron Rodgers. There's always a chance that he does his own research and comes to a different conclusion, but the Tigers won this round.

Don't you feel at least a little better after reading this? That's the power of making fun of Aaron Rodgers. It's good for the soul.