3 trades the Detroit Lions could make for Mike Evans

Could the Lions make a move to go all-in on the 2023 season?
Detroit Lions, Mike Evans
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Trade Number 2: The Lions offer a pass rusher and a pick for Mike Evans

One of the areas the Lions have seen tremendous depth and many names step up over the course of the offseason, training camp and preseason is at pass rusher. Even in their Week 1 win over the Chiefs, it was apparent that this front seven was playing at a different level. They have depth on depth at the edge position, and offering the Bucs one of those guys along with a pick might just make sense for Tampa Bay.

The player I'm pondering in this deal would be second-year pro James Houston, who came out and registered 8.0 sacks last year as a sixth-round rookie. Not only did he post eight sacks, but he did so in just seven games, which is astounding.

Evans trade no. 2

In this deal, the Bucs would get Houston and a 2024 fifth-round pick. Landing a guy who seems like a solid pass rusher for the foreseeable future, plus some draft capital for a wide receiver that won't be returning, seems like a pretty fair deal all around.