3 teams that could call the Lions about a Teddy Bridgewater trade

Could the Lions look to get something out of trading their backup quarterback?
Detroit Lions, Teddy Bridgewater
Detroit Lions, Teddy Bridgewater / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages
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2. Chicago Bears

Here is a bit of a wild card and probably a situation that wouldn't happen. But, the Chicago Bears are either laying waste to Justin Fields' talent, or they are witnessing a guy that actually won't pan out the way they thought he would. It's hard to tell which narrative to believe at the moment, especially seeing some of the wide open throws Fields has failed to attempt, along with the amount of time he's holding onto the football still in Year 3.

What if the Bears wanted to put some true pressure on Fields? Right now, Tyson Bagent and Nathan Peterman aren't going to do that. But, a guy like Bridgewater who has winning experience very well could.

Many Bears fans want to see what the undrafted Bagent has, but he may not be ready. Bridgewater could come in and light a bit of a fire beneath Fields and the offense. Maybe he wouldn't start right away, but it would be a situation where Bears general manager Ryan Poles and his front office want to see something different from there quarterback.

Maybe, this would be a good move for all involved. It might sound crazy, but there is a bit of sense to it.