3 teams that could call the Lions about a Teddy Bridgewater trade

Could the Lions look to get something out of trading their backup quarterback?
Detroit Lions, Teddy Bridgewater
Detroit Lions, Teddy Bridgewater / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages
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When the Detroit Lions signed Teddy Bridgewater prior to the season, they immediately boasted maybe the best backup quarterback in football.

But, as things tend to do in the NFL, landscapes have changed. Teams are starting to become more needy at the position; at least one, in particular.

As the season carries on, though, we could see some teams become more needy than others. Maybe, when it gets closer to this year's trade deadline, the Lions could see the phones ring in effort to try and trade for Bridgewater, leaving Detroit with David Blough as their primary backup.

1. New Orleans Saints

This would be an easy landing spot for Bridgewater, after having spent some time with the Saints previously. Right now, the Saints have quite a few options at quarterback. Derek Carr, though, is working his way through a shoulder injury. It doesn't appear to be serious enough to keep him out a lengthy period of time, but just in case, maybe New Orleans takes precaution.

Jameis Winston has experience in this system, sure, and he has the ability to sling it. But, Bridgewater is a far more careful passer than Winston is. At the very least, Bridgewater would give the Saints a familiar option if Carr was to miss extended time and Winston didn't get it done.

Of course, New Orleans could always turn to Taysom Hill, but we've seen how that goes. He's better suited as an offensive weapon than a quarterback. The Saints have a great defense and enough on offense to warrant doing what it takes to have the right quarterback under center. And again, Carr isn't out for the season, but just in case, it wouldn't hurt to bring in Bridgewater.