3 Davante Adams trades that make the Lions an NFC favorite

Should the Detroit Lions go all-in and trade for Davante Adams?
Detroit Lions, Davante Adams
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Trade Number 2: The Lions trade a trio of picks for Davante Adams

If a player-for-player deal didn't appeal to the Raiders and they wanted some draft capital instead, the Lions could first offer a deal like this. In the second trade proposal, Detroit would send over a pair of second rounders; one in 2024 and the other in 2025. In addition, the Lions would give up a fourth-round pick in 2024.

Davante Adams trade 2

Is it realistic that the Lions could reach a deal for Adams without giving up a first rounder? Probably not, but this could be the starting point for talks if the Raiders wanted multiple picks. Had Adams' Week 4 injury been more serious, then maybe his trade value goes down a bit. Fortunately for Vegas, Adams was able to return and still had a productive day overall.

The Lions get by here without giving up a first-round pick, but if Las Vegas will not settle for a deal without a first rounder, maybe they try something like this final deal.