Detroit Lions predicted to make trade deadline deal within the NFC North again

Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes is not afraid to do deals within the division, and Bleacher Report has "boldly" predicted he'll do it again before Tuesday's trade deadline.

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The clock is ticking toward the 2023 NFL trade deadline, and it's unclear what the Detroit Lions will do. If anything.

Bleacher Report's Matt Holder put together a bold deadline predictions piece, with a prediction the Lions will make a trade within the NFC North for the second straight deadline. The focus, with multiple options offered, was put on the defensive side of the ball.

"Several outlets have reported that edge defender Preston Smith could be on the trade block for the Packers. Much like Hunter, Smith and his 60 career sacks would fill a need in Detroit, giving the organization another potential trade partner in the NFC North."

In addition to Smith, Holder cites Danielle Hunter as a trade target, but admits it's uncertain the Vikings will sell due to a recent winning streak. Shifting to the Chicago Bears, he pitches cornerback Jaylon Johnson as a target for the Lions.

"Jaylon Johnson has been the subject of some trade rumors for Chicago as Johnson is in a contract year. He's also a good corner who could aid the Lions' Super Bowl run."

Monday night game not altering Lions trade deadline approach

On Saturday, head coach Campbell said playing on Monday night will not alter the trade deadline approach for the Lions and the front office is working hard on every scenario they could encounter. Preparing for the game and working trades are in separate lanes on the same road.

"There'll be some things that could come up. Brad (Holmes) has been grinding. I mean, he hasn't stopped on that, so that'll continue. That'll go all the way up to game time (and) beyond, but that won't affect me or us or anything we do. I mean, we're business as usual."

The Lions are maintaining a low profile as they'll finish Week 8 on the field Monday night. But if they make a deal before Tuesday afternoon, within the division is on the radar.

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