Kelly Stafford calls out Lions fans for booing and they're not having it

Here we go again, Kelly.
Matthew Stafford, Kelly Stafford
Matthew Stafford, Kelly Stafford / Andy Lyons/GettyImages

Following the Detroit Lions' home playoff victory over the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday night, drama began to unfold regarding a former fan favorite, Matthew Stafford.

When Stafford's wife Kelly, and their children, were shown on the video board at Ford Field, you could hear loud booing from all over the stadium. Now, there are going to be differing opinions and reactions to the booing, but in the end, Kelly took it personal.

In fact, she took it very, very personal.

After the Rams' loss, Kelly took to her podcast to express her opinion about the showing from Lions fans.

"I will say one thing. We're not playing the game. My girls and I are not playing the game. And I know that my girls are not being booed. I am. And I can handle it. But when I have my girls next to me, there's something to be said of like, maybe not [boo them]," she said.

Lions fans called out Kelly Stafford after her comments, and some of the responses were brutal.

In short, Lions fans were already over Kelly's comments before she could finish.

Warning, some responses are NSFW.

When all is said and done, I think The Athletic's Jon Greenberg had the best take. This entire situation could have been avoided if the Lions media team opted not to show Kelly and her children on the video board while fans were booing [Matthew] Stafford.

Look, this is part of the game. Fans will be fans. Family of players will always take things more seriously than they actually are. And, sometimes, there are key family members of certain players who will go above and beyond taking it personal.

Regardless of your opinion on Kelly Stafford, this entire situation has turned into something it shouldn't have become in the first place. Now, who is to blame? Once again, I'm with Greenberg on this one.

As for Stafford, the quarterback, I have a feeling that fans have nothing but love for him. When he's an opponent, of course they are going to be rooting against him. However, if you were to ask a lifelong fan their opinion on the former no. 1 overall pick, I would venture to guess they'd have nothing but positives.

When you're operating within the tension of the NFL Playoffs, though, things change.