How each division rival made life easier on the Lions this offseason

How did Minnesota, Chicago and Green Bay help out?
Detroit Lions, Jared Goff
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The Bears did not bolster their pass rush depth

Had the Bears not went out and traded for Montez Sweat before last season's trade deadline, this defensive front would look even worse. The Bears finished second-to-last in sacks in 2023 with just 30 on the season. For perspective, Carolina came up with 27.

Sweat added a whole lot of juice to that defense, as a whole, and not just the front four. But, aside from Sweat, the Bears have DeMarcus Walker (3.5 sacks last year) as the other starter. In 2023, Walker was not just ineffective in rushing the passer, but he was mediocre against the run, too, at best.

Behind Walker is veteran Dominique Robinson (2.0 sacks in 28 career games) and then you have rookie fifth-round pick Austin Booker.

Bears fans will tell you they have high hopes for Booker, but let's be real. He's a fifth-round pick. It's not often that a fifth rounder can completely change the landscape of an entire unit, let alone contribute at a high level from the get-go.

Chicago needed to go out and make another move at this position, and there are still a few veterans available in free agency. However, for now, the Bears' pass rush still looks lacking, and that's not going to bode well for a team facing a strong offensive unit in Detroit.