4 bold 2024 offseason predictions for Detroit Lions

Detroit goes all-in on the 2024 season.
Detroit Lions, Aidan Hutchinson
Detroit Lions, Aidan Hutchinson / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages
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2. A trade up for top pass rusher

Aidan Hutchinson is obviously the leader of this defense and will remain one of the better, young pass rushers in the NFL for several years to come. However, the Lions need to go from having a "good" supporting cast at the position to finding another top-end starter to pair with Hutchinson.

Detroit put up monstrous sack numbers in the postseason, but they finished middle of the pack during the regular season with 41 sacks on the year. In the draft, there are a few key names who could go within the top 15. The only argument, right now, is who goes first and in what order the rest follow.

But, we could see Alabama's Dallas Turner, UCLA's Laiatu Latu and Florida State's Jared Verse all go within the top 15 picks.

Let's say, for the sake of this entire piece, the Lions trade their no. 29 pick and a 2025 first-round pick to move up with the New Orleans Saints who are sitting at no. 14. At that point, they would be happy to land any one of those three pass rushers.

Now, the Lions have a young duo coming after quarterbacks for much of the foreseeable future. This is no longer a position of need.