College coach reveals what makes Lions camp standout Dylan Drummond a special player

Eastern Michigan's Chris Creighton describes what makes Lions' camp standout Dylan Drummond so special.

Detroit Lions fans have likely been shocked to see the rise of undrafted rookie wide receiver Dylan Drummon. But to those who know him the best, it hasn't been that big a revelation.

Drummond's college coach at Eastern Michigan, Chris Creighton, obviously got to know Drummond very well.

Speaking to MLive's Kory Woods, Creighton offered an inside look at what makes Drummond so special.

"He knows how to use just all of his body movements. He’s just got a purpose. He understands football,” Creighton said. He understands the purpose of a route and how to run a route. And again, anything that touches his hands is not gonna hit the ground. He’s consistent, hardworking, super smart and versatile. He led us in receptions when we played him inside. It was back in 2019. And then we played him on the outside."

Chris Creighton

With the Eagles, Drummond managed to prove his coach right. He put up 2,028 yards and 14 touchdowns in a five-year career in college. Watching Drummond, his size stands out along with his speed and versatility. Those are skills he's already shown with the Lions.

Drummond is not just impactful on the field though.

Chris Creighton praises Dylan Drummond as a "high character" guy

Not just a quality football player, Creighton also took time to laud Drummond as a person.

"As a leader, he’s soft-spoken, he’s a great human being, and high character. I mean, he is who he is. He’s very comfortable in his own skin and, with who he is. Everybody just likes and respects him. He’s not a real big demonstrative personality. He doesn’t bring attention to himself. I’m not using exaggerated language. He’s just a great dude."

Chris Creighton

Add it up and it's easy to see why Drummond is making such a quick impact during Lions camp. Dan Campbell cited Drummond as one of his top standouts from joint practices with the New York Giants, and he has impressed throughout training camp.

Drummond has advanced himself in a battle to make the Lions' roster, to the point he's making it easy to project him onto the final 53 heading into the season. The next step is preseason games, starting Friday night against the Giants.

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