Brock Wright shares important advice for incoming Lions' rookie class

Detroit Lions tight end Brock Wright, a former undrafted free agent, had some important career wisdom for the looming rookie class.
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The Detroit Lions have done nice work in the NFL Draft under Brad Holmes. But they have also quietly and effectively filled out their roster with undrafted free agents.

Such players become the backbone of a roster, and in tight end Brock Wright the Lions found a someone who has grown into a meaningful role over three seasons. This offseason, Wright was re-signed after the San Francisco 49ers made a strong pitch to sign him as a restricted free agent.

Wright didn't want to leave, primarily due to the faith the Lions placed in to start his career. Speaking with the media this week, Wright admitted that while it was nice to be wanted elsewhere, Detroit has his loyalty.

"At our exit interviews at the end of the year, I was talking with Ben Johnson and he said 'man, don't you think that picking Detroit's the best decision you ever made in your life in unrestricted free agency?' I've said that multiple times now. By far it's the best decision I've ever made. Looking back on it now, very fortunate to have had the opportunity to come here and (have) things kind of work out the way we had planned and hoped for them to."

While he's been a willing blocker, Wright has also has 43 receptions, 424 yards and seven touchdowns. A pair of clutch catches stand out-fourth down in 2022 to beat the New York Jets and a key third-down against Tampa Bay in last year's playoffs.

The path to that success started the day he came into the building as an undrafted free agent following the 2021 NFL Draft.

Brock Wright has advice for incoming Lions rookies

What has made Wright successful? As he explained, not being drafted can end up as an advantage to those players. They aren't promised anything, so they have to be (stay) hungry and never get complacent. He believes that's the reason many undrafted guys stick on rosters.

"I think it gives you a chip on your shoulder. I'm proud of it. I think someone told me the stat a few years ago, a third of the league is made up of UDFA's. I think that's a testament to the work ethic it takes to get a job in league and then also once you're there, you kind of know that's what it takes to maintain it as well. So, definitely proud of that."

In terms of the soon incoming rookies who will soon be in his former UDFA shoes, Wright hit a fairly obvious note for a key to success.

"Probably just be a sponge and absorb all the knowledge you can. Just try and improve every day. If you just focus on yourself (and) do the best you can do, things will play out how they should."

Right now, Wright is living proof that such situations can work out well.


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