Barry Sanders showered with love by Detroit legends before statue reveal

Former Lions running back Barry Sanders received nice acknowledgment from Jalen Rose and Joe Dumars before the unveiling of his statue this weekend.

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The Detroit Lions will honor Barry Sanders with a new statue Saturday, and a celebratory mood is being set days before the event.

First, Detroit native and former NBA player Jalen Rose shared his thoughts before the festivities:

"Barry Sanders deserves to be immortalized. Congratulations on getting a statue in the city of Detroit that you gave so much joy with your time and effort in the community, but also on the field as the Hall of Fame G.O.A.T. running the football like no other. We love you. We appreciate you. Congratulations Barry."

Jalen Rose

Joe Dumars played guard for the Detroit Pistons during the time Sanders played for the Lions, winning back-back rings as a key part of the "Bad Boys.". In his acknowledgement of Sanders, he wasn't shy to proclaim Sanders is the greatest running back in NFL history.

"I'd like to take this opportunity to really congratulate the greatest running back of all-time in the NFL, my friend, Barry Sanders. This is an incredible honor. No one deserves it more than Barry. He's the best running back ever, and that's my strong opinion of my friend Barry Sanders. Congratulations Barry."

Joe Dumars

Barry Sanders has humble reaction to statue honor, Jalen Rose statement

Notoriously humble, it isn't surprising to see Sanders is taking the same approach before his latest honor.

As Sanders explained on social media, it's " like a dream come true" for him to be able to share this next celebration with everyone who helped make it possible through the years.

Sanders noticed Rose's words, and was humbled.

The dedication of the statue outside Ford Field will be a watershed moment for Sanders and all who watched him compete. In some way, due to his once strained and now much better relationship with the team, it's an overdue honor that will finally get done.

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