A massive all-in move has been put on the table for the Detroit Lions

It's patently unlikely, but a massive all-in move for the Detroit Lions has sort of been put on the table.
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If the Detroit Lions see their championship window opening this year, and such windows can close quickly, a bold trade could still be in the offing. It's a fact that quarterback Jared Goff has two years left on his contract, to the window with him for sure under center is not long. And yes, they could sign him to an extension and widen that window with him in place.

It's hard to see anything major happening for the Lions between now and Week 1, at least this side of adding a backup quarterback who may be able to actually keep things on the rails if Goff goes down this season.


Chris Jones is undeniably one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL. But entering the final year of his contract, he's not quite being paid like it anymore as multiple new deals have knocked him down the totem pole (ninth-highest paid defensive tackle in the league right now with a $20 million per year average, slated to make $19.5 million this year).

Jones and the Chiefs are reportedly "far apart" in contract talks, so he has not yet shown up to training camp. A possible $50,000 per day fine is apparently no deterrent, as he eyes a deal that will pay him $30 million a year.

Jones set a career-high with 15.5 sacks last year, one his way to finising third in Defensive Player of the Year voting. So he deserves a new deal, and a deal that wil play him in line where where he sits among his position peers. It also appears he won't be taking a discount like Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce have, purely on the idea of staying in Kansas City.

NFL Rumors: Could the Detroit Lions make a big, bold trade for Chris Jones?

As things naturally go in these kind of situations, Garrett Podell of CBS Sports put the Lions on a list of possible landing spots for Jones amid his contract impasse with the Chiefs.

"The Lions did so much work upgrading their secondary this offseason that coach Dan Campbell is now trying to slow the "hype train" that surrounds Detroit. But what about some big-time help for Aidan Hutchinson in the trenches? Jones is the kind of difference-maker who'd be a premium cherry on top of an improved "D." And the Lions have a decent amount of cap space left in both 2023 ($19M), 2024 ($60M) and beyond."

Garrett Podell, CBS Sports

Addressing the topic Monday evening (NSFW language), the "Woodward Heavyweights" are in on the Lions making a call about Jones.

The cost to acquire Jones, in draft capital and the contract he wants, would be massive. And that's if the Chiefs don't buckle and give him the contract he wants, and they're willing to trade him rather than call his holdout bluff on the idea he'll eventually show up. That said, albeit in a different place on the calendar, the Chiefs traded Tyreek Hill rather than pay him last offseason. Going down that road again with Jones now is not out of the question.

But in a very broad, absolutely hypothetical at this point sense, acquiring Jones would be a unequivocal message from the Lions to the rest of the NFC (and the rest of the league) that they aren't messing around this year. It also just so happens that Jones would fill a big need on the interior defensive line, in the boldest, all-in way possible.


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