7 teams the Lions must outbid for L'Jarius Sneed as his market heats up

Chiefs' cornerback L'Jarius Sneed is available until shown otherwise, and the Lions must be willing to outbid these seven teams for him.

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6. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings were among the teams mentioned by Dragon that have "expressed interest" in Sneed. They could certainly use some help at cornerback, and if they lose Kirk Cousins they'll presumably still have some money to spend after going with a cheaper veteran replacement.

But it's fair to think the combination cost of draft capital and a contract that's now had the bar set by the deal the Chicago Bears gave Jaylon Johnson (four years, $76 million; $19 million per year) will be too much for Minnesota to seriously enter the mix for Sneed. If they snooze while waiting for what Cousins does and pivoting to who they can get to replace him, they might lose here.

5. Tennessee Titans

Tennessee is another team Dragon named in his report. If nothing else they have a lot money to spend as free agency looms. So they could sign Sneed to an offer the Chiefs can't/won't match, and willingly give up the two-first round picks.

Will Lomas over at Titan Sized went the trade route for the Titans, with this proposal.

"The offer that I would make is the Tennessee Titans second-round pick in exchange for Sneed and the Chiefs third-round pick."

The Titans' second-round pick is No. 38 overall, and they'd get Kansas City's third-rounder back in the deal along with Sneed. Sounds like a nice deal for them, but not one the Chiefs would likely give a whole lot of thought to since it would involve them attaching an asset.

4. New England Patriots

The Patriots are another on the list of teams Dragon mentioned as having shown interest in Sneed. Like the Titans, they can try to woo whoever they'd like to with plenty of cap space to burn. But beyond the money, there's a whole lot of unknown in New England as Jerod Mayo replaces Bill Belichick. The overall sales pitch players of Sneed's ilk seems sure to be lacking, and they are not close to being a championship contender again.

Once upon a time, not really so long ago, players would have taken less money for a chance to win a ring (or multiple rings) in New England. That time has passed, and it seems unlikely Sneed would be open to be being traded there or entertaining an offer sheet should they want to give him one.