5 updated moves the Lions can make to clear over $46 million in cap space before free agency

On the brink of free agency, here's an updated list of five moves the Detroit Lions can make to clear a bunch of cap space.

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4. Restructure Cameron Sutton and free up $6.96 million

A rough first season in Detroit immediately had plenty of Lions' fans clamoring for Sutton's departure, one year into the three-year deal he signed last offseason. But he's not going anywhere until at least next offseason because of how his contract was structured,

Sutton was on the injury report with a toe issue late in the regular season, so it's definitely worth wondering if he was operating at full strength during his particular struggles late. In any case he'll have a chance to rebound next season, and he'll ideally not be covering the opponent's best wide receiver.

The door is open to restructuring Sutton's contract. Not that he'd be under any threat of being cut or traded, since those moves (shy of a post-June 1 trade) would not benefit the Lions (and his trade value is next to nil right away anyway). But it's possible he'd be agreeable to a restructuring that drops his 2024 cap hit from $12.68 million.

Restructuring Sutton would clear $6,967,500 in cap space for the Lions. Let's just keep it simple and call it $6.96 million.

Cleared Cap Space Tally: $11.56 million