5 realistic free agents the Lions could sign in 2024

The Detroit Lions may or may not make a big splash in free agency, but here are five players they could realistically sign.

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4. OG John Simpson

Simpson went from the Las Vegas Raiders' "trash" before the 2022 season ended to the 17-game starter at left guard for the AFC runner-up Baltimore Ravens in 2023. He also started 17 games at that spot for the Raiders in 2021.

If Jonah Jackson finds a bigger deal than the Lions are willing to give him, Simpson has the makings of a nice pivot option.

Pro Football Focus tabbed Detroit
as a potential landing spot for him, within the idea he'll come cheaper than Jackson seems likely to.

Writer Brad Spielberger said Simpson "brings an edge in the ground game" in pointing to the Lions as a landing spot. In PFF's ranking of free agent guards, Spielberger's description of what Simpson does may get Dan Campbell's attention; assuming it actually shows up on tape as described.

"There are times when Simpson gets over his skis a bit in space, but if he keeps his feet under him and finds the chest of a defender, he has some pulling reps on tape where he launches linebackers/defensive backs to Neptune."

Simpson could be seen as a fairly raw player, with his four-year career split evenly with two seasons where he has played a lot and two where he hasn't.

Lions' offensive line coach Hank Fraley might see something he can work with here. Simpson seems to have the mentality and play style to make him a very nice fit if Jackson has to be replaced.