5 potential options for the Detroit Lions to bolster their cornerback depth

With Emmanuel Moseley out for the season and Brian Branch seemingly uncertain as far as when he'll return from an ankle injury, here are five potential options for the Detroit Lions to bolster their cornerback depth.
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5. Marcus Peters, Las Vegas Raiders

After plenty of rumors and reports tying him to them, Peters finally signed a one-year, $3 million deal with the Raiders in July. His best days are behind him at 30 years old (62.2 Pro Football Focus grade so far this season), but he remains an every snap player and he's a veteran some contending teams in need of cornerback help could see a fit with.

Peters also recently joined the unhappiness party in Las Vegas, liking an Instagram post that advocated for McDaniels to be fired. That's hardly something that could lead to a trade, but if the Raiders keep losing this month a player such as he, a little older and on a cheap one-year contract, would be a prime trade candidate.

A loss to the Green Bay Packers on Monday night (to be played as of this writing), would drop the Raiders to 1-4 and possibly push them toward sell-mode in the about three weeks before the trade deadline. As mentioned, Peters would be a prime trade candidate.

The Lions didn't necessarily need a cornerback as long as Emmanuel Moseley was able to be healthy, and that unfortunately didn't happen. It also almost shouldn't have been counted on, given the broader injury history he has. So some tentative feelers on the free agency or trade fronts for a cornerback could already have been put there by Brad Holmes, dependent on how Moseley looked/if he was able to stay on the field.

Peters would be an easy trade target, if the Lions see him as a fit.