5 nightmare scenarios for the Detroit Lions in 2023

The Detroit Lions have very high hopes this year, but here are five nightmare scenarios that would push things off the rails.
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Detroit Lions, Jared Goff
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1. Jared Goff suffers a serious injury

As he closed the book on the 2022 season, Lions general manager Brad Holmes all but promised an emphasis on the No. 2 quarterback spot behind Goff. That seemed to make it certain Nate Sudfeld would not be re-signed, or at least a veteran of note would he added to unseat him.

Sudfeld was of course re-signed, and Hendon Hooker was drafted in the third round as he works his way back from a torn ACL last season. The only other news on the backup quarterback front for the Lions was an April report of a strong contract offer to Teddy Bridgewater, which he obviously decined if it was made.

So was Holmes' plan to add a different veteran backup quarterback really, essentially, "Bridgewater or bust"? It can't have been. Or should I say, it shouldn't have been. There is the question of possible unknown offers to others, and other notable options may have simply found better money or a chance to start elsewhere.

Goff has avoided major injury to this point in his career, playing behind top-notch offensive lines in Los Angeles and Detroit. Durability is something of a skill, in terms of getting rid of the ball, avoiding hits, etc., and he has done well.

That said, it only takes one big or awkward (legal?) hit, or an imperfect landing after being taken down......Then the Lions hopes for the 2023 season will go down with Goff if he's sidelined by a significant injury, and Sudfeld has to start a lot of games. But the Lions are content with their quarterback room, as if anything else would be said at this point.

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