5 former Detroit Lions who are having trouble finding jobs

As the NFL offseason moves away from peak level activity, these former Detroit Lions are having trouble finding a job.
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2. S Tracy Walker

After he had some struggles and was replaced by the emergence of Ifeatu Melinfonwu late last season, Walker stood out as an obvious cap cut for the Lions. They appeared to do him a favor by letting him go in February, giving him a head start on hitting the market.

Now, a month later when he could have been signed immediately, there haven't been any reports of teams interested in Walker. An Achilles' tear in Week 3 of the 2022 season derailed things for him, and coming back from it surely played some role in his struggles last season. But he made a fast recovery from the injury to even be ready to go for Week 1 last season, and he's now further removed from it.

Walker should find an opportunity somewhere before too long. The idea the Lions could bring him back on a cheap deal is not far-fetched, since they need safety depth, but time will tell if that happens.

1. CB Jerry Jacobs

Jacobs immediately vaulted himself to No. 1 on this list with his Twitter posts on Wednesday night, seeming to show some frustration with and questioning why he hasn't been signed yet..

Jacobs was a great story for the Lions, coming aboard as an undrafted rookie in 2021 and becoming a prominent player when the team needed all the cornerback talent it could get. But last season he struggled, outside of the two game where he tallied a total of three interceptions, and he was eventually benched in favor of Kindle Vildor (which says it all). Then he ended the season on IR, and the Lions did not tender him as a restricted free agent.

There also may be a hint of a path back to the Lions for Jacobs. But if it was going to happen it probably would have happened already, and they chose to re-sign Khalil Dorsey.

Jacobs may linger without a job for a while longer, even if he said "phone jumping, they coming in calling..."

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