5 biggest x-factors for the Detroit Lions vs. Rams in the Wild Card Round

Here are the five biggest x-factors for the Detroit Lions in Sunday night's Wild Card Round game against the Los Angeles Rams.

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1. QB Jared Goff

Goff is the obvious No. 1 here, but that doesn't make it any less true. He has tried to dismiss the idea of a revenge angle, against his former team and the coach (Sean McVay) that discarded him quickly when the timing was right. But ultimately, when asked this week by Eric Woodyard of ESPN if it still existed like it did at the time he was traded to the Lions, Goff could not hide that huge chip on his shoulder.

"Of course," Goff told ESPN. "I think it'll never leave me, and I think that's a good thing."

Then, even in praising McVay this week, Goff couldn't hide a little bit of bitter tone toward his former coach. McVay again acknowledging how he could have handled Goff's departure better is inconsequential at this point,

"Obviously, we had our differences there at the end, but he's a great coach," Goff said of McVay. "He's a guy that taught me a lot."

For Goff, the obvious key will be channeling his not-so hidden desire to beat McVay and the Rams into a good performance. Dan Campbell doesn't think that will be an issue, and Goff's teammates want to win for him on Sunday night.

While obvious, Goff playing clean football and being able connect with his receivers for some impactful plays will be critical for the Lions. He has to be sharp. If he's not, it could quickly turn into a long night for the home team.

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