5 biggest takeaways from Detroit Lions Week 4 win over Green Bay Packers

After a big win over the Green Bay Packers on Thursday night, here are the five biggest Week 4 takeaways for the Detroit Lions.
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2. Josh Reynolds should not be overtaken by Jameson Williams as the WR2

It was easy to be a little down on Reynolds after he delivered a doughnut on the stat sheet in Week 3. But he made a couple very nice catches on Thursday night, and all 12 of his catches this season have resulted in a first down.

Jameson Williams is now back in the building, able to take part in meetings, etc. before being able to practice before he can play Week 7 against the Baltimore Ravens. What kind of a role he'll have, or how patient the Lions will or should be if/when he's got kinks to work out in game day conditions, is in question.

Reynolds has a unique connection with Goff dating back to their time with the Rams. He will occasionally have a dud game, depending on game situation, etc. But there's no way Williams should overtake the "Serpent of Death" (Reynolds' nickname from Dan Campbell) as the Lions' No. 2 wide receiver.

1. David Montgomery is everything the Lions thought he'd be

Everyone (ok, maybe primarily Gibbs' fantasy owners) wants to be up in arms about Jahmyr Gibbs' lack of usage in games David Montgomery has played this season.

But who would have taken Montgomery off the field in Thursday night? He didn't have a bunch of the kind of explosive runs Gibbs can author, but his 32 carries for 121 yards and three touchdowns were a tone-setter for the Lions' offense as they surgically ground down the Packers' defensive will. Behind a good offensive line, we've seen what he can do in full bloom.

Gibbs will get his share of the workload, and certainly he'll see more in future games/in situations more conducive to him seeing more action. The Lions needed to grind clock on Thursday night. Montgomery is built for that.

Thursday night's game was meaningful to Montgomery. He never beat the Packers over four seasons with the Bears, and he was intent on playing after missing Week 3 with a thigh bruise.

Many Lions fans wanted to lament losing Jamaal Williams in free agency. But as some people have said before, Montgomery is a seamless culture fit and he's also a better player than Williams.

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