5 big winners (and one obvious big loser) from Detroit Lions Week 10 win over the Los Angeles Chargers

The Detroit Lions beat the Los Angeles Charger in Week 10. Here are five big winners and one big, obvious loser from the game.
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Loser: Aaron Glenn

The Lions' defense is either really good or really bad on a game-to-game basis, never much in between. Glenn had a rough game, regularly leaving Keenan Allen in coverage matchups he was going to win. It's hard to remember the Chargers' offense went punt, field goal, interception, punt on their first four drives, but five straight touchdown drives from there with little resistance will do that.

An issue whenever the Lions struggle defensively is the marriage of the pass rush and coverage. When the pass rush might get there, soft coverage gives the quarterback an option. When the coverage holds holds up well, the pass rush doesn't get near the quarterback.

There's an argument Cameron Sutton should have traveled with Allen all game, so as not to leave a linebacker (Jack Campbell) or a safety (Kerby Joseph) to cover him 1-on-1. Allen is going to get his numbers most of the time. But the Chargers lack other consistent threats this side of Austin Ekeler, and Glenn's plan didn't offer any resistance to the Justin Herbert's No. 1 target. Allen had 11 catches on Sunday, while the other Chargers' wide receivers combined for 10.

Glenn tends to get outcoached by offensive coordinators/play callers that have imagination and the pieces to exploit his struggles in scheming. On this day it was Kellen Moore, albeit with a quarterback-wide receiver-running back trio few teams in the league can match. But the Lions' defensive coordinator is an unequivocal Week 10 loser, and its a hill he'll clearly stand alone on this week.

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