5 backup quarterback pivots for Detroit Lions not named Teddy Bridgewater

The Lions apparently have heavy interest in Teddy Bridgewater, but here some other backup quarterback options they could eventually pivot to.
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Malik Willis, Detroit Lions, Tennessee Titans
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5. Malik Willis (Tennessee Titans)

Willis may or may not be in danger of not making the Titans' roster, depending on that day's sentiment. Head coach Mike Vrabel most recently said he has shown "glaring improvement" since his less than impressive run of play as a rookie last year. Not that it'd be hard to do that in OTA practices.

But rookie Will Levis is not going anywhere, and if someone has to give in the competition to be Ryan Tannehill's direct backup it's lined up to be Willis.

The Lions were offered up earlier this month as a potential landing spot for Willis should he become available, by Chris Trappaso of CBS Sports. As a pure flier on raw talent to add to the quarterback room, it makes some sense. As a viable option to step in if Goff were to go down, Willis is far more questionable. But maybe, in some sense, he's no more questionable than Sudfeld (with zero NFL starts) is as a possible Goff fill-in to keep the Lions' offense on the rails.

4. Trey Lance (San Francisco 49ers)

With Brock Purdy (elbow) apparently cleared and ready to go for training camp, Lance's status with the 49ers is again naturally questionable. Sam Darnold was added to the depth chart this offseason, and he'd be the presumptive top candidate to be the No. 2 guy based on experience alone.

Even as the 49ers would want to keep quarterback depth around, based on recent history of being a bit snake bit in that area, the No. 3 overall pick in the 2021 draft may become a tradeable asset if they're willing to showcase him during the preseason. And they should be willing to do so.

The Lions should still have their eye on Lance to some extent, and be ready to possibly make a trade offer.