4 teams who could give Josh Reynolds a contract or a role the Lions won't

Lions' wide receiver Josh Reynolds may find a better contract or a larger role elsewhere in free agency, and these teams could provide at least one of those things.

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2. Washington Commanders

In terms of cap space, the Commanders are in a great position. They could probably also use a savvy veteran No. 3 receiver like Reynolds, for whoever their quarterback will be moving forward. If Curtis Samuel goes elsewhere in free agency, and he may be able to find a bigger role and/or a better contract himself somewhere else, that will be 91 vacated targets from last season for Washington.

If it's money Reynolds prioritizes in free agency, and again no one would begrudge that at the stage of his career he is, Washington can give him something noticeable there. If they want to, they could go up to or over his projected market value ($7 million per year, via Spotrac). And getting down to it, leaving aside his history with Goff, his role could be very similar to what he had with the Lions.

1. Buffalo Bills

The Bills are in win-now mode, and they also have some cap trouble to fix heading toward free agency. No. 2 wide receiver Gabe Davis may get a nice pay day in free agency, and the odds seem to favor him leaving at this point. Stefon Diggs, assuming he's not traded, will need a suitable running mate.

Khalil Shakir is an interesting young receiver, and the Bills have a fine tight end duo in Dalton Kincaid and Dawson Knox. Giving Josh Allen as many weapons as possible has to be an ongoing priority though, and if Davis is gone there will be a notable void to fill.

A veteran receiver like Reynolds, who can stretch the field, willingly blocks in the run game and seems to easily earn the trust of his quarterback, is a ideal player for the Bills. They won't necessarily be able to compete financially if there are bigger offers out there, but they can offer as good a chance as any team at winning a Super Bowl and Reynolds will probably have that idea on his radar.

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